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In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to any process performed on yarn or fabric to improve the look, performance, feels or effect on of the finished textile or clothing. Chemicon offers a wide range of specialty products to create a variety of effects. Chemicon products are applied to various fabric types such as: Cellulose, synthetic & blend, our products are formulated to modify physical characteristics such as softness, smoothness, looks, draps, abrasion resistance, and water absorption & moisture management.

1 CHEMISOFT CWAS Cationic  softening agent.
2 CHEMISOFT CWMS Cationic  softening agent.
3 CHEMISOFT CSLC Weakly Cationic  softening agent
4 CHEMISOFT  WNS Noninic  softening agent
5 CHEMISOFT NSL Weakly Cationic   textile fatty softening  agent for color & White
6 CHEMISOFT  CS Weakly Cationic   softening  agent
7 CHEMISIL-FIN WOR Silicone  Macro & Macro emulsion ( mixed raw form)
8 CHEMISIL  MASC Silicone  Macro & Macro emulsion ( raw form)
9 CHEMISIL SNE Silicone Nano emulsion
10 CHEMISIL HS-200 Hydrophilic Silicone softener
11 CHEMISIL HC-300 Hydrophilic Cationic softener
12 CHEMISIL  1800 Silicone softener ( Micro  emulsion)
13 CHEMISIL  1820 Silicone  Micro – emulsion
14 CHEMILUBE YDL Lubricant & Softener for Yarn
15 CHEMILUBE YSL Lubricant & Softener for Yarn
16 CHEMIFRESH MSC Antimicrobial Agent.